As records for the Church (Rock) Cemetery and Basford Cemetery in Nottingham are uploaded to the Deceased Online website this week, I give a preview of the Basford data.

Following on from the opening of Nottingham's Church Cemetery in 1856, the first burial took place at Basford Cemetery in 1875.
First page of the 1876 Burial Register of Basford Cemetery
The old parish of Basford lay 1½-3 miles north of Nottingham. In the latter half of the 19th century it was a major centre for framework knitting. The new cemetery was situated in Nottingham Road in what is now New Basford. It is smaller than the Rock Cemetery, originally covering an area of just six acres and containing two mortuary chapels.

Basford's Nottingham Road - home to Basford Cemetery (copyright Alan Murray-Rust)

Basford's burial registers are very detailed and include:-
  • Name of person buried
  • Description of person buried (e.g. "wife of -", occupation of "child of -")
  • Age of person buried
  • Place where death occurred (note that this is not always a person's residence; a death certificate should be ordered to confirm)
  • Date of burial
  • Name of the person performing the funeral ceremony
  • Grave number and plot
  • Tick or cross to note whether the burial took place in consecrated or unconsecrated ground. 
A close-up of the burial register showing 11-14 April 1876
The cemetery also holds at least 44 war dead from the 1914-18 and three burials from the Second World War. Nottingham and environs were attacked heavily in the Blitz. 159 people were killed in just two hours on the night of 8-9 May 1941. Notable local residents buried there include Chemical Works Manager, Henry Finn, and Coal Merchant, George Cox Stretton.
Monument to Henry Finn
In nearby Newark, local residents will be marking the anniversary of the air raid of 6-7 March 1941. The Friends of Newark Cemetery's events on March 6th and 7th this year commemorate the 41 victims of the Ransome and Marles Luftwaffe bombing of 1941. Some 30 of the 41 victims are buried in Newark Cemetery and the Friends group has organised tours and other activities. Full details can be seen at: All Newark Cemetery's records are available on Deceased Online and you can see details of all 41 victims on this excellent website,…/20…/176-ransome-a-marles-dead

If you have ancestors buried in any of Nottingham or Newark's cemeteries, do contact us via Facebook, Twitter or the Comments Box below to tell us more about their lives. We love to hear from you!

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